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12 or 14 steps


In general

        The way of counting the steps of Morrnah's main work is only formal in nature: Until 1986 it ran under the slogan of 'The 12 steps'. But at that time they were already 13 steps, because the questionnaire as a problem list was not counted. However it is only with this list that it is possible to do Morrnah’s Ho'oponopono: It replaces those people and entities, who are part of a given problem but not physically present, as Morrnah involves them herewith on the mental level.

        Further, in the middle of the Ho’oponopono process, there were steps 6a, 6b, 6c, and 6d, which were counted as parts of ONE single step, although each one was already larger in size than the others. In addition, 6b was only an alternative to 6a, and 6c was integrated into 6a.

        With the final count in 1991, there were and are actually 14 real steps describing Morrnah's main work (the process taught in Basic 1), and no confusing step 6a, b, c or d. However, while it is important as to WHAT is included in the ORIGINAL used by Morrnah, it is also important HOW the process is carried out. Here are the results a quarter of a century later :

Presented by Pacifica Seminars

        When we first got to know the Ho'oponopono of Morrnah in November 1986 at her first visit in Germany, it was as follows: First a person found a quiet place and wrote their problems on a list (the so-called 'questionnaire'). Then the person followed in a specific order, including two breathing rounds and said 11 different prayers. And so (as of september 2018) we still teach Ho’oponopono Morrnah’s way.

Presented by IZI LLC

        Initially, the Foundation of ‘I’ on Hawaii - established by Morrnah 1980 - did it the same way as taught by her to Pacifica Seminars, until about 1998, although (until today) the slogan of‘'The 12 steps' remains.

        Around 2005 Dr. Len as 'Spiritus Rector' of the Foundation invented a mantra with 11 words and established IZI LLC around 2007. Guided through his leading spirit, whom he calls 'Divinity', he authored the mantra "I love you, please forgive me, I'm sorry, thank you". This mantra is a beautiful prayer, but NOT a Ho'oponopono, as it is missing the mutual forgiveness.

        In the following 25 years after Morrnah's passing away in 1992, her 19 years of work was gradually phased out: First, the above questionnaire was more or less omitted. Then you did not even need to read the 12 (or 14) steps and to breathe, but only run your finger down the pages – called 'scanning'. Recently, Mabel Katz stated in an interview that only an 'X' has to be made or pronounced (she does not work for IZI).

        In addition to the mantra, since 2007 IZI is offering around 70 invented 'cleaning tools'. These tools are NOT from Morrnah (except 3, but not in the sense of cleaning), or from Hawaii and are NOT Ho'oponoponos - they never were.







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14 Schritte oder 12 Schritte
14 steps or 12 steps?               
12 of 14 stappen ho'oponopono? 




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